Today is one of these days..

Today is one of these days you don’t want to make smth..  I want to stay the whole day in my flat, but I need to go working later..
So I think about to drive to the DIY Market and buy some sprays, bc I have an idea for one of my platform shoes haha – you’ll see it soon!


And in a few minutes I’ll start to write an application for another job, bc I fucking hate my job now! Everyone is so dumb eww..

So with this ‚badmood‘ post I start my new blog, sorry for that.
In the moment I surf on vinted and ebay , hope that I can get some new Dr Martens for less money awwe AND I think I found one haha! Will buy them later 😛

I hope that I write everything right, bc I’m german and my english is not perfect. When you see that I make little mistakes, feel free to correct me ♥ !

x Tessa