I am Tessa Becker. I go by the name, Bejonson online, and I been involved in the the Fashion community for over 6 years. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design, in 2021, from Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics). My passion for fashion is a never ending love story, which started in a very early age.

Growing up, I was in search for my own personal style upon which I started to take what inspires me the most and let it flow into how I dressed myself, this is heavily influenced by my interest in avant-garde fashion, astronomy, military clothing and sci-fi films such as The Fifth Element, Star Trek and Blade Runner, just to name a few. I tried to combine all this with practical and functional everyday garments.

Through the years of studying fashion, i’ve started even more to focus on the combination “super-modern” and “avant-garde” genre; As my love and passions grown, I find myself evermore curious, searching for new ways to expand my knowledge. My desire as a designer is to evolve, by seeking inspiration in which broadens my own imagination; by challenging my own creative limits in order to solve current industry problems(such as sustainability), and by creating prototypes to improve my technical skills. 

I have always look at fashion as a language in which I use to express myself, to show the who I wanted to be. I was looking for a field of work that combines all my interests such as, graphic design, videography, photography, 3D modelling and environmental design, as a response I created an online persona called: Bejonson. I enrolled myself through Fashion design. Fuelled by curiosity, I immersed myself in the fashion world gaining knowledge, technical and creative skills, learning industry processes, designing patterns, creating helpful tools and sewing garment prototypes to continually expand my capabilities. 

Creating a name for yourself in the fashion community is not an easy task, I understand that success takes patience, planning, focus and most of all, commitment. Social media became somewhat of an outlet for me to showcase my passion over the years. In combination with my studies, I demonstrated to my audience, my creativity, initiative, resourcefulness, and diverse taste in technical fashion. Running an instagram account has taught me networking and community building skills. Through the years, I had the opportunity to collaborate and work with some prominent brands like Nike, Bagjack and Acronym. Currently, I am the social media manager for the berlin-based company Bagjack. Working at Bagjack, I was tasked with researching market trends, developing marketing strategies and creating creative display strategies to showcase the products. 

Through the years of studying fashion, I acquired the necessary creative skills  and technical knowledge to be able to construct my working prototypes, my own tools, patterns, methods, and choose the best-fit materials and fabrics. Working on projects, challenges often arise and I always find myself determined to find the best solution and resolve the issue. Even on client work with budget limitations, brand restrictions and tight deadlines, I was able to demonstrate self-initiative, adaptability, flexibility, planning and quick decision-making skills. Being proactive and “asking the right questions” is the most effective way identifying the root source of a problem. And with this direction and with my unwavering resolve, it’s often leads to discovery and breakthroughs; my goal is to always continuously improve and do right for myself and the people around me. 

I want to design with purpose, be active and inspire through innovation and creativity.